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Target Course [Exclusively for JEE (JEE MAIN &ADVANCED) and NEET (PMT) Preparation]

Duration : One Year
Eligibility: XIIth Passed Students Targeting for JEE/N EET
Course Description : The Target Course is the best course for JEE/NEET aspirants because this course is designed for those students who have passed class 12th class and now can devote whole time for preparation for JEE/NEET examinations. This course provides students year long sustained practice with widest possible coverage of the theory and problems in highly competitive environment. The teaching methodology is highly exhaustive and systematic which raises the academic levels of the student to the pinnacle of excellence. So that students can crack the target with full momentum and force. This intensive one year comprehensive course that can easily claim to be the most successful course of its kind & aims for developing your skills comprehensively and removing your previous flaws thus raising your confidence to a High level where you can meet the exam head on with
confidence. This course covers all important subjects (PCM/PCB).

Teaching Methods

Normalization Programme:
The students come from different schools, have gone to different classes and may also belong to different boards (ISC, CBSE, UP Board etc). As a result, it has been observed that the knowledge and understanding level of certain basic concepts among the students is highly varied. Once the main course begins, the smart students who studied well go ahead but the weak students suffer and they are left behind. To tackle this we begin our course with a 15-day ‘Normalization Programme’. This programme will help to make the basics strong and consistent across all students irrespective of which school, coaching classes or board they came from and also irrespective of how much they knew before. We will ensure that every student has understood all the basic concepts clearly and only then will the main course begin. This also makes it easier for professors to teach more difficult concepts on top of a strong foundation.

The STUDENT is our main FOCUS:

Keeping our past teaching experiences in mind, we realized that there are some common problems that are faced by most students. Thus in order to help the student we implement the following:

  1. The pace of every student is different: Specific Study Plans Specially designed by the mentors for each student according to his or her pace
  2. Student have Doubts all the time: Doubt Solving Session Held after every chapter and test. Special care taken to ensure that the concept is made clear
  3. Students need time for self study: Self Study Time Provisioned within the schedule so that the student gets sufficient time for self study and planning

To help facilitate the UNDERSTANDING and RETENTION of challenging concepts, we have incorporated the following:

    1. Interesting and practical oriented teaching
    2. More concept based Homework
    3. Regular interaction with the students in the class for better understanding of concepts
    4. Collection of 300+ Science/Reasoning Books
    1. Different topics will be taught in two phases primary and advanced.
    2. In primary phase teacher explains basic concepts which student can understand easily.
    3. In advanced phase teacher helps in deep and clear understanding of the topic
    1. Less is More
    2. Minimum overlapping material
    3. Easier to memorize & avoids confusion in the mind of the student
    4. Certain teaching material is taken from the books of foreign authors

About Trivaag Coaching

Welcome to Trivaag Coaching. With more than 10,000 students, successfully selected in top institution of India, triVaAg gives a first-hand chance for students to connect with our Alumni Network. Start preparing for competitive exams while you are in college - with our integrated program tie-ups with Modern Academy and many other institutions in Lucknow. Coming with 25+ years Experience, Doubt clearance sessions, Parents Teachers Meeting, Environment, and Comprehensive Study Material Trivaag Coaching is the most trusted and best coaching in Lucknow for Engineering and Medical Entrance Preparation.

Why Trivaag Coaching

Experienced Team

Highly oriented and experienced team of IITians and Doctors as facules who have already produced toppers in IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS.

Peculiar Preparation

Our teaching methods make your preparation for IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS in a pattern where students do well not only in IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS but other Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams and XII Boards.

Focus On Board Exams

We prepare a student for IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS and Board exams within a school schedule and providing doubt sessions and extra classes during the extra hours.

Achieve Your Aspirations

We will help you in achieving the best in everything that a science student aspires for in a healthy environment.

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