1st floor, Canara Bank Building, Sapru Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Mission & Vision


Our Vision

“TRIVAAG is one of the fore most institution of north India with reputation of highest rank/number of achievers in JEE (Main & Advanced). A common vision shared by three qualified and highly experienced scholar came into existence in the form of TRIVAAG to teach Physics, Chemistry & Maths individually.”


"To make the aspiring intelligentsia of TRIVAAG mentally tough,emotionally strong & intellectually sharp so that they can float quite efficiently and activity in the ever flowing & vast stream of technological advancement. To inculcate a work culture among the students which not only enables them to perform in engineering competitions with flying colours but also to raise themselves to enviable heights in their career. To devleop a problem solving aptitude & an analytical frame of mind. To pursue the endeavour to nurture the young talent which will place India at the top of the world of technology. To enable the TRIVAAG'ians to settle down with an engineering career which is intellectually challenging, professionally satisfying, socially prestigious & financially rewarding."


Our History

With more than 10,000 students , successfully selected in top institution of India, triVaAg gives a first hand chance for students to connect with our Alumni Network.

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  • 25 years Experience
  • Doubt clearance
  • Parents Teachers Meeting
  • Environment
  • Comprehensive Study Material
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